iPod or music player.

Erin Sharmahd tuxgirl at gmail.com
Tue Oct 18 15:20:12 MDT 2005

> I guess the only real qualification I have is it should work well with
> Linux and MP3 (Oggs would be nice).  Any recommendations?

iPods are nice.  Women like them, they're stylish, etc.  They also
work reasonably well with Linux if you install gtkpod.  I have a mini
that I use with linux.  You will need to set it up with the FAT32
partitions (in my experience the default is HFS+), and I found that it
was *much* easier to handle that on my roommates windoze box (after i
gave up on getting it formatted on my linux box)...
gtkpod is not very "pretty", but it does the job, and it's reasonably
easy to use (not quite as easy as iTunes, which my mom still has
trouble with...)
What size are you looking for?  How does she like to listen to things?
(ie, does she like a given playlist, books on tape, lots of music
shuffled, etc?)
Good luck!

> Thanks for saving my bacon ;)

You think I'm doing this for you?  I'm just helping for your wife's sake  :-P

~Erin :)

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