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On Mon, 2005-10-17 at 22:03 -0600, Dalan wrote:
> The username is dalan with password ***** i don't know why it says nx. but
> as you see nx is a user and i set his password to ****** I set both users to
> the same password.

The client never ssh's as user dalan.  Just as user nx.  This is why I
spent considerable time in my last post talking about the key pairs.
The user "nx" has no password, but only allows logins via an ssh key.
Once the shell is running, the client will pass, over this now secured
ssh connection, your username dalan and your password and the nx shell
will authenticate your user and then proceed to start the session on the
server with user dalan.  You did check the box in the nx client session
config about tuneling over ssl, right?  I think freenx needs that to
work properly.

You should not have a password set on user nx.  It will still work if
you do, but I highly recommend disabling the ability to log into user nx
with a password. the nx account should only use ssh-keys.

> I imported .ssh/id_dsa to the windows client.

Where did you get id_dsa from?  In other words, whose account did this
come from?

The key you should be importing should come from the server from
~nx/.ssh/client.id_dsa.key.  I think the full path
is /var/lib/nxserver/home/.ssh/client.id_dsa.key

The error message you are receiving is indicating that you have an
incorrect key pair between the server and the client.  This can only
happen if you grabbed the wrong id_dsa key.  Once you get past this
issue I think you'll find freenx quite easy to use.


> I think that's all I did. Thanks for the fast reply.
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