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On Mon, 2005-10-17 at 08:27 -0600, Hans Fugal wrote:
> I wouldn't go that far. freenx is a bear to get installed and configured
> on every distro I've tried (which hasn't included FC, admittedly). While
> some of this is the lack of binaries (and the doomsday prophecies of
> what will happen if you try to compile it yourself), the other half is
> poorly-documented "getting started". I haven't looked at the recent LJ
> articles in the series, but the first few anyway were neat theory and
> propaganda with no help on getting the thing installed (aside from "use
> knoppix"). 

I've had nothing but good experiences on Fedora Core and RHEL.  Just 2
rpms and then the ssh key stuff.  1 minute install tops.

The NX stuff isn't documented that well, though.  And if you want to
build from source, you'll have to spend some time on the freenx lists.
It's not easy.

> On Debian, you can use the kanotix sources line but be aware that it's
> liable to mess other things up since it is a whole distro, not just the
> freenx packages. Plus the freenx packages have dependencies that are not
> in sarge (at the specified versions). For debian/ubuntu I recommend
> adding the kanotix repo as a source line and building the .deb from
> source.
> The recent kanotix packages are not difficult to get working though.
> Like I said above they handle the key stuff for you, and everything else
> too, actually. See the README in /usr/share/doc/freenx for more info,
> but basically it just works out of the box (once you can get the box
> open).

That is good.

> And let me just say, it's worth all of that effort. NX really does rock!

Agreed.  How many of you use the VNC or RDP proxy feature?  Also, do any
of you use the file and print sharing capabilities of NX?  


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