[OT] Text Editor vs IDE aka ctrl-s froze VI

Steve smorrey at gmail.com
Sat Oct 15 10:44:20 MDT 2005

I know this is OT for even this OT thread, but just curious to know if
anyone has made a look&work-alike of  the old DOS Edit from 5.0+ for

This thread has given me a real nostalgia buzz, and honestly I kinda
miss Edit and the Quick/QBasic development environments.

I remember how impressed I was back in the days when they were the
latest and greatest.

Seems and ncurses based editor would do a really good job of
accomplishing this task.

On 10/14/05, Alex Esplin <alex.esplin at gmail.com> wrote:
> > > I've heard this before, but honestly, how do you get anything done
> > > when your hands are tied to home row?  I don't know of any pianists
> > > that prefer a single octave. ;-)  I like to use as much of the
> > > keyboard as I can.
> By home row I meant the keyboard proper and not the mouse, and not the
> control and alt keys, which for me aren't a very comfortable reach.
> But mostly just the keyboard as opposed to back and forth from the mouse.
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> Alex Esplin
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