[OT] Text Editor vs IDE aka ctrl-s froze VI

Alex Esplin alex.esplin at gmail.com
Fri Oct 14 17:55:59 MDT 2005

> To the programmers who created vi and emacs, who were steeped in
> experience with non-visual command line editors, I believe vi and
> emacs must have been very intuitive indeed.  To people who grew up in
> the Macintosh/Windows generation, they will be quite far from
> intuitive; there will be no experiences wired into their brains for
> the subconscious processes to work with.

I would tend to emphatically agree with this.  When I took my first
programming class, I couldn't use vi or emacs to save my life,
instead, thanks to my 'Macintosh/Windows generation' experience, I
used JCreator.  Then I got interested in Linux, and started trying to
use emacs, since I heard that it was the 'editor of choice' of the
EE/ECEN department.  Since I didn't know how to map Control to
Caps-Lock, it was a little difficult, and when I started trying to use
Vim it was a little easier to hit Escape or 'i' or :command.  Then, as
I used Vim more and more, I got to the point where IDE's drive me nuts
for 2 reasons.  1--I can't do everything without taking my hands off
the home row (possibly because I don't know how the IDE would make
this possible, if it did so), and 2--because I don't know how to use
them and that means I'd face another learning curve like the one I had
with Vim.  Experience, again, is the key factor here.

Alex Esplin

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