[OT] Text Editor vs IDE aka ctrl-s froze VI

Steve smorrey at gmail.com
Fri Oct 14 02:11:22 MDT 2005

To the comment about refactoring code.

Thats probably the difference.
I use IDE's for fullfledged development, but most of the time they ARE
just glorified text editors for me.

I use MSVS, KDevelop, Eclipse and recently ZDE depending on what I'm
writing, but 9/10 times I'm writing something from scratch and don't
have a need to refactor existing code.
Also as much as I love C/C++ since most of my development is limited
to web-based applications, I really only need a text editor, although
ZDE has been fun to toy with.

When needed some of those features do come in handy, such as when
trying to get Drupal and it's various and sundry modules functioning
PROPERLY under PHP5 and PostGres (There's a nightmare).

For me it's a matter of the right tool for the right job, vs the swiss
army knife approach.
I use text editors for editing *shock* text, well that and designing webpages.
IDEs for full fledged development when needed.
HEX Editors for binaries

I've never found the onesize fits all approach of emacs appealing, for
my uses it does WAY too much, although that may be a boon to some

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