ctrl-s froze VI

Faraz Ahmed farazs at calsoftinc.com
Fri Oct 14 00:59:53 MDT 2005

Check the scroll-lock key.
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> On Wed, 2005-10-12 at 15:51 -0600, Doran L. Barton wrote:
> > Steve wrote:
> > > Just a thought but ctrl+alt+F2
> > > killall vi
> >
> > This is akin to someone asking the question, "I put my car in 'N' with
> > shifter and now it won't go anywhere. What do I do?" and the answer
> > "Torch the car. Buy a new one."
> Ahh.  The Microsoft way.
> I have driven a John Deere tractor with a completely computer-controlled
> and shifted transmission.  Every once in a while the gear shift level
> would get out of sync with the transmission's current gear.  Shifting to
> neutral would fix that.  Sometimes, however, the computer would stop
> responding to the gear shift level and refuse to put the tractor into
> gear (never had the opposite problem, thank goodness).  To fix that
> required turning the key off and back on, rebooting the control
> computers.  I believe John Deere finally fixed that with a firmware
> update.  Ahh what Microsoft has done to us.
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