Treo 650 experience?

Doran Barton fozz at
Thu Oct 13 21:38:11 MDT 2005

Barry Roberts wrote:
> I just got my Treo 650 this week, and I'm having a heck of a time
> getting it to synch with any of my linux boxes.  I've found several
> tutorials and HOWTO's, but there are a couple of steps that always
> fail for me with bluetooth/ppp.
> Anybody on this list have experience with a Treo 650, and could answer
> some questions before I go to the pilot-link list?

I have a love/hate relationship with my Treo 650. I think part of my problems 
are actually defects with the product. It reboots randomly when I delete or 
purge my text messages. It can't figure out if/when I've unplugged my headset 
and remains in "headset mode" until I blow in the headset hole. (Don't ask me 
how I figured out that trick.)

As for Linux interoperability- It worked fine with FC3 and didn't work at all 
with FC4. It would help if you told us what distro and kernel version you're 

I've managed to get USB syncing working with FC4 by using latest kernels and 
some development packages of pilot-link.

I was able to get DUN over bluetooth working by following Dax Kelson's 
excellent tutorial 
on the subject. But now, it doesn't work at all. I suspect there is 
yet-another product defect in my Treo related to bluetooth.

I need to find the time to visit a Sprint store and see about getting it 
replaced with a new one.

All that said, I love the device. I love being able to SSH in to a box from 
almost anywhere. I love the keyboard and the text-messaging apps. I love the 
hi-res color screen. Now if it was just solid and reliable!

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