ctrl-s froze VI

Ross Werner ross at agilestudios.com
Thu Oct 13 08:26:05 MDT 2005

On Thu, 13 Oct 2005, Michael Torrie wrote:
> In short, vim for me is very small, fast, and light and ideal for
> everything from small script editing to large programming projects.  I
> haven't used an IDE in years.  I think eclipse is great if they'd only
> put it in some vi key bindings. :)

Someone has a for-pay vi plugin, but it (a) costs money and (b) doesn't 
have some commands that I use. So I'm contemplating writing my own vi 
plugin to Eclipse. Anyone have any experience with such things, or have 
some Eclipse plugin code that I could use as a springboard?


p.s. I rarely use all the nifty features like code folding, symbol lookup, 
etc. in a text editor either--I use vi for things like never having to 
touch the arrow keys, moving around text files at lightning fast speeds, 
macros, the . command, and the other day-to-day things that make vi way 
better than pico (which I also use daily because I use PINE ... in fact, 
I'm typing this in pico right now). I can understand if you're composing 
plain text in pico, but any time you're doing serious editing, I don't 
know why you'd cripple yourself. And I can understand not using the 
"fancier" features when you're editing text, but rarely using them in a 
full-fledged IDE? That's just insane. What are you using an IDE for then 
anyway? When I'm programming in Eclipse, I'm refactoring code left and 
right, searching for references to objects and methods, doing complex 
symbol lookups and autocompleting references ... those sorts of tools are 
the only reasons that I don't do everything in vi.

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