Ubuntu Installation Problems

James Lance james at thelances.net
Wed Oct 12 17:08:47 MDT 2005

On Wednesday 12 October 2005 8:09 am, dataw0lf wrote:
> Dan Stovall wrote:
> > I just  saw that this morning.  So, now how do I go about getting this
> > new version 0.32 and mentioned in that bug fix?   And how do I install
> > it?  I assume it is a new version of initramfs-tools.
> The most straightforward approach would be to use <insert favorite Live
> CD here> to boot the box,apply the temporary fix mentioned in bug
> listing, and then once you can actually boot off the root fs, sudo
> apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade
> (assuming you have the Breezy repos in your sources.list)

This page has a good sources.list for both hoary and breezy.  The backports 
and extras links have changed in the last little while.  


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