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Doran L. Barton fozz at iodynamics.com
Tue Oct 11 09:27:11 MDT 2005

Jeff Nyman wrote:
> My son is running FC4. His menu has disapeared, well most of it. All of the
> program links are gone and his desktop icons don't work any more. I can
> still get to everything by command line, but I just can't figure out what
> happened or how to fix it. I've googled around and see that it has happened
> to other people but not how to fix it. Yum is running could that have done
> it? I know it has messed with his nvidia driver a couple of times. This is
> in both gnome and KDE. Any ideas what caused it?

This is most likely something that was done to files in his home directory. 
Either rename or nuke the .kde directory, for example, and then restart X. 
It will repopulate with default data.

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