understanding apache and ps (resolved - thx anyway)

Sean Kirkby skirkby at concentrico.net
Sat Oct 8 23:54:21 MDT 2005

Yeah, I looked in /etc/passwd, and wwwrun doesn't exist there.
It turns out that the wwwrun user ID is coming from Novell's NDS (this is a Novell OES server based on SLES 9).  It was apparently auto-created when I created the server.
What's weird is that I can make wwwrun the owner of files using chown, but I can't add wwwrun to groups using usermod (usermod tells me that the user doesn't exist).  
Thanks anyway.

>>> tuxgirl at gmail.com 10/7/2005 4:58:31 PM >>>

> I don't have a user named "wwwrun"...

How do you know that?  Have you checked /etc/passwd?


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