Is is just me or does google maps suck now?

Michael Torrie torriem at
Fri Oct 7 21:20:16 MDT 2005

I went to google maps today, only to find out they've put it out of beta
and integrated it into google local.  What a joke.  They stripped out
all the features that made google maps useful to me.  Now it's just a
glorified mapquest.  What a waste of great technology.

Things that make it suck:
- Image is a fixed size and cannot be resized
- No scale displayed any longer.  I am into flight simulation and it
helps to be able to use google maps to estimate distances
- No way of bookmarking particular locations and zoom level.  So I can't
show you the latest UFO landing spot I just discovered in Area 51.
- Going to a city outside of North America and England shows you a
"sorry no images available at this zoom level."  If you switch to
satellite, you get the image.  This message is very misleading.  Further
google maps used to at least show country boundaries in map mode.  This
doesn't happen any more.

I know that google earth has all the features I like it in, but it's way
overkill for some things and doesn't run very well on Linux (as in at
all).  Why does google take a neat concept, do it well in beta, then
strip it down and roll it in as a secondary feature to another product?
Very disappointing.  Way to go google.


Michael Torrie <torriem at>

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