Google and Sun

Brendan Curran brendan.curran at
Thu Oct 6 17:11:28 MDT 2005

> Solaris 10 is cool stuff.
> But now my co-workers got me using Debian and I'm addicted to apt and
> 10000 pre-built packages.  Solaris 10's package management doesn't
> impress.  And, of course, good luck finding packages for it outside of
> the Sun cds.
> -Jonathan

Actually there is a pretty large community that supports "pkg-get" - a
package management system for opensource software on Solaris.

They have tons of software in the repositories, and the pkg-get tool is
based on apt-get from the ground up.

I'm a long-time debian and solaris user, and pkg-get makes me feel right at

You can check it out here:


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