Google and Sun

Jonathan Ellis jonathan at
Wed Oct 5 22:57:44 MDT 2005

On Wed, 5 Oct 2005 15:32:50 -0600, "Bryan Sant" <bryan.sant at>
> Has anyone been paying attention to the news about a multi-year deal
> struck between Goolge and Sun yesterday?  Google is interested in
> Java, OpenSolaris, OpenOffice, and hardware from Sun.

Or so Sun's PR department says.

Remember when it was Sun + IBM that was going to Change The World?  Then
not too long ago it was Sun + Microsoft.

Sun's looking for a white night to save them and not having much luck,
so far.

> I still haven't run Solaris/OpenSolaris on an x86 system -- I've
> always stuck with Linux -- but I'm about to convert a few systems.  I
> know we've had similar discussions before, but how do you guys feel
> about OpenSolaris?  Would you run it?  It sounds like Goolge is going
> to.

Solaris 10 is cool stuff.

But now my co-workers got me using Debian and I'm addicted to apt and
10000 pre-built packages.  Solaris 10's package management doesn't
impress.  And, of course, good luck finding packages for it outside of
the Sun cds.


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