Google and Sun

Bryan Sant bryan.sant at
Wed Oct 5 16:41:41 MDT 2005

On 10/5/05, Michael Torrie <torriem at> wrote:
> OpenSolaris offers me absolutely nothing.

I wouldn't say that.  Here are the items I find most attractive about Solaris:

1) Substantial performance gain on identical hardware.
2) An ABI that hasn't changed in over a decade.  If you download a
sound driver for Solaris 10 today, it will work with Solaris 15 (or
whatever) unchanged.  This is a major frustration for me with Linux
kernel upgrades.  I have Cisco and nVidia binary drivers that I have
to contend with on every little point release update.
3) Significantly faster bootup times -- I think OpenSuse 10 is doing
something similar though.
4) Integrated virtualization -- similar to Xen or VMWare.
5) Consistency.  There is one Solaris/OpenSolaris.  There are 500+
linux distros -- 99% of which have incompatible packaging systems,
library versions, filesystem layouts, etc.  Granted that consistency
can be achived by sticking with Redhat/Fedora only, or Debian only, or

If Solaris was just the name of another Linux distro that provided all
of the benefits I've listed above, wouldn't you want to try it?  Is it
the Sun thing that turns you off?


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