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Wed Oct 5 16:06:50 MDT 2005

On Wed, 2005-10-05 at 15:32 -0600, Bryan Sant wrote:
> Has anyone been paying attention to the news about a multi-year deal
> struck between Goolge and Sun yesterday?  Google is interested in
> Java, OpenSolaris, OpenOffice, and hardware from Sun.  Microsoft's
> stock dropped 3% when the deal was announced.
> I still haven't run Solaris/OpenSolaris on an x86 system -- I've
> always stuck with Linux -- but I'm about to convert a few systems.  I
> know we've had similar discussions before, but how do you guys feel
> about OpenSolaris?  Would you run it?  It sounds like Goolge is going
> to.

I'm sure OpenSolaris will work well for Google.  Certainly on huge,
multiprocessor boxes it presently scales far better than Linux.

As for me, meh.  It's all about perceived benefit.  OpenSolaris offers
me absolutely nothing.  And I have no reason to try it.  In my younger
days I'd install it just for the experience.  Sun has proven itself to
be a fairly inept market player in recent years, although not quite as
inept as SGI.  I don't expect OpenSolaris to really go anywhere,
technical prowess notwithstanding.

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> -Bryan
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