Email using domainkeys and spf

Steve Meyers steve-plug at
Sun Oct 2 17:30:54 MDT 2005

Andy Bradford wrote:
> The most  common unauthorized use of  someone's domain is spam.  Are you
> saying that  the designers  of these  SMTP hacks  had something  else in
> mind? Maybe  they were trying  to keep Microsoft from  influencing IBM's
> employees by  sending fake  emails that  appear to  come from  IBM? This
> would  be fraud  and  a criminal  offence; SPF  and  DomainKeys are  not
> necessary  to persuade  them from  doing that.  So what  other kinds  of
> people would  benefit from using a  real domain that belongs  to someone
> else?

I guess I didn't state that clearly.  SPF and DK do not by themselves 
solve the spam problem.  Their intent was to deal with a certain portion 
of the spam problem -- email that claimed to be from someone it wasn't 
from.  Thus they are more of a domain authentication measure than 
anything else.
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