Email using domainkeys and spf

Andy Bradford amb-plug at
Sat Oct 1 22:40:41 MDT 2005

Thus said Steve Meyers on Sat, 01 Oct 2005 12:02:00 MDT:

> They're not meant  to block spam. They're meant  to authenticate where
> the email came from.

The most  common unauthorized use of  someone's domain is spam.  Are you
saying that  the designers  of these  SMTP hacks  had something  else in
mind? Maybe  they were trying  to keep Microsoft from  influencing IBM's
employees by  sending fake  emails that  appear to  come from  IBM? This
would  be fraud  and  a criminal  offence; SPF  and  DomainKeys are  not
necessary  to persuade  them from  doing that.  So what  other kinds  of
people would  benefit from using a  real domain that belongs  to someone

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