Never a Doh! moment.

Dan Stovall dbstovall at
Wed Nov 30 14:36:33 MST 2005

On 11/30/05, Steve <smorrey at> wrote:
> Anyone else got a Doh! moment they care to share?

Several years ago I was given a computer by a friend.  His company had
recently upgraded all their desktops and had several they were just
getting rid of.  I knew nothing about hardware at the time and had
only taken 1 CS class.  The thing wouldn't boot, I didn't know where
to start troubleshooting it, so I just to it to a local store that
bought and sold used computer components (can't remember the name, it
was located next to Albertson's, gone now).  They said they would call
me when their tech looked at it to determine if anything was still
useful.  The next day I called and spoke with the tech.  He said that
he didn't know where I got the thing but it was pretty useless.  There
was no RAM, the motherboard was fried, and he didn't know what to do
with the 3 video cards and 2 sound cards in it (which might be useful
but not for your typical home desktop in 1997).  Apparently, my friend
gave me what was left after everyone else in the company had picked
through all the old computers and scavanged any part they needed. 
Then he, knowing as much about hardware as I, took the least dusty of
the cards that were left lying around, threw them in a case and gave
it to me.

I could tell the tech at the store was wondering what kind of idiot
was trying to use this computer that I brought in.  He said he would
give me $15 bucks for it.  I told him just to keep it.  I didn't want
him to be able to put a face with that computer, they already had my
name and that was bad enough.


I swear Power Point is going to be the downfall of higher education in
western society.

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