Never a Doh! moment.

Ross Werner ross at
Wed Nov 30 14:26:27 MST 2005

A month or so ago I was trying to get /home mounted via NFS for all the 
machines at the office. Somehow I had messed up the ownership permissions 
for my home directory, though, so to correct it I did:

# cd ~ross
# chown -R ross.ross *

That worked fine, but then I realized that * didn't get all the (hidden) 
dot-files in my home directory. So then I did:

# chown -R ross.ross .*

That whirred away for quite a while--considerably longer than I thought it 
was supposed to take, but it was over NFS, so maybe that's why it was 
taking so long.

Later that day someone discovered that *all* the files in /home were owned 
by me. I was trying to figure out what on earth happened when I remembered 
the command I had typed earlier that day that had taken so long to execute 
... and then I remembered that .* also matches .. and when taken in 
conjuction with the recursive -R flag ... D'oh!

 	~ Ross

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