Never a Doh! moment.

Dennis devel at
Wed Nov 30 14:09:29 MST 2005

Well, back in the very early 90s, my grandmother had a 286 with about 4
Megs of hard drive space and a small amount of Ram (probably 2 megs).

I had copied Jet Fighter 2 from a buddy at school onto 3 floppies and
wanted to play it on that machine.  Well, it kept having an error about
not enough memory.  At the time I didn't really know much about
computers but I had learned my share of DOS commands.  I used the backup
command to take her copy of Word Perfect off the machine and back it up
on 15-20 floppy disks or something.  I thought the problem was disk space.

Anyhow, when I had erased WP and still had the problem.. that's when I
said: "Doh".

I restored the copy and she never knew until years later I had done
that.  I later figured out how to unload some memory resident stuff and
it worked :)

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