Never a Doh! moment.

Steve smorrey at
Wed Nov 30 11:54:02 MST 2005

I figured I'ld share a humorous story with yall.  I somehow managed to
hose up SuSE, not exactly sure how this happened, but anyways.  I
finally decided to just stick in the install media, and let her rip. 
About 1/2 of the way through the install process I got an error "Bad
Media, cannot continue install proces"  the disk ejected, and so I
cleaned it off, stuck it back in and rebooted.  Same error. At this
time I was getting frustrated so I pulled out my old Gentoo disk, and
decided to re-install Gentoo.  Well long story short, as I started the
copy process for the portage tarball, I started getting read errors. 
Turns out my DVD-Drive is going out, Doh!  So now I get to do a stage
3 from the net install of Gentoo.  In the meantime, I'm now sending
you this email from within Links, FYI I can now confirm Gmail appears
to function just fine under links.  Moral of the story?  Never count
on that $70 DVD drive from Walmart to install your OS ;)    Anyone
else got a Doh! moment they care to share?

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