search sequence for include path when compiling

Laurent R rj45rt at
Tue Nov 29 18:37:09 MST 2005

  I work on a porting program. It is compiled with another tool originally. 
I should compile it with gcc now. A problem occurs when I use the gcc 3.3.2.
  There is a 'time.h' in '/usr/include/sys' path, it relates to timer 
definition. There is also a 'time.h' in application software due to the 
historical cause. It is not conflicted with the original compile tool, but 
the confliction occurs when compiled with gcc. There are different 
definitions in these two files.
  For normal compiling, it will report confliction in '/usr/include/sys' and 
'/application'. I copy the application to my local directory to modify the 
time.h. Before I modify the file, a strange thing happens. The confliction 
disappears. The cause is that the path '/application' is changed to 
'/mylocal'. I removed the 'time.h' file from application software and 
rebuild. No error occurs. It seems the compiler dose not search the 
'/mylocal' path to find 'time.h' any more. But it finds other application 
header file in '/mylocal' path.
  I think the compiler mush have a sequence to search include file, who can 
help me to explain it in detail?


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