Remote Desktop

Ryan Bowman ryanlbowman at
Tue Nov 29 15:52:04 MST 2005

It's been about a year and half ago that I stopped using Linux and
unsubscribed to this list, but I have since begun administrating a couple of
Linux servers at work and have started both myself and my wife on Linux at

At work we our primary environment is Windows, but we have recently moved a
couple to Linux (SUSE 9.3).  I've installed cygwin with X so I can ssh into
the linux boxes when I need to, but lead programmed has expressed dislike at
having (what he sees as) widely different methods for accessing and
administering the different servers, which brings me to my question: is
there a program more like Remote Desktop Connection (than cygwin/ssh -X/kde)
that we could use to connect to the Linux server from a windows box and in
reverse (not as important)?

I'm mostly just curious, it's not really a big deal, I've actually setup
cygwin for a non-techie to use and she doesn't have any problems with it.

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