Commericial Linux Games?

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Tue Nov 29 07:53:34 MST 2005

Same here, NWN is my favorite.  I also liked KOTOR 1 & 2, Jade Empire 
(xbox game), Balder's Gate, etc.

I do play Unreal Tournament 2004 with my brothers and their spouses 
every week for a couple of hours.  We are looking for something new. 
Most of them run windows so cross platform is something they should 
strongly consider.  Being able to network with others is also a very 
good idea.  I'd love to see a Need for Speed type game that works across 
the internet.

BTW:  When I checked on my system, P4 2.2Mhz 512M and a cheap nVidia 
57xx series card, it ran much faster in Linux.  In windows AA had to be 
turned off and many other settings had to be lowered to get a decent 
frame rate at 1280x1024.  In Linux I turned up every setting and it was 
still faster.

Alex Esplin wrote:
>>So I figured I'ld pose the question to you folks and do some research myself.
>>If you were to purchase a Commercial Quality Linux Game, as per above.
>> What type of game would you preffer to spend money on?  What features
>>etc would be most important.
>>And I guess the really obvious question, what types of games do you find "fun".
> I'm not a huge fan of big super-3d-intensive games either.  My
> favorite game is Neverwinter Nights, and it does require some 3d
> acceleration, but not like Unreal or some of those type of games.  I
> haven't actually tried the Linux port of Neverwinter Nights, because
> I'm being a good little college student this semester, but I most
> definitely am planning on it soon.
> As to what types of games I find fun, mostly fantasy RPG's like
> Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, etc...
> just my $.02
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