UUG RAID/LVM Presentation

Topher Fischer javert42 at cs.byu.edu
Tue Nov 29 03:30:02 MST 2005

>A new event has been posted on the BYU Unix Users Group website:
>Date: Thursday December 1st
>Time: 7:30 PM
>Place: 340 Crabtree
>RAID/LVM Presentation
>With disk space being so cheap these days, we finally have the space required to digitally store our CD collections, photos, video, and countless episodes of the Simpsons.  Come learn about the powerful tools that you can use to easily set up a system to safely store your data.
>For more info:
>man mdadm
>man lvm
>URL: http://uug.byu.edu/events.php?id=168

If you missed the UVLUG presentation, be sure not to miss this one
(RAID/LVM presentations will shortly be going out of season).  This is
an extremely practical topic which will be accompanied by an amazing,
fraternally inspired demonstration.

Don't miss it!

Topher Fischer
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