Easiest way to remote access files?

Steve smorrey at gmail.com
Tue Nov 29 01:35:54 MST 2005

At home I'm running SuSE 10
I have a server I've just leased running Gentoo.

I am developing a client\server application.

I intend to build and run the client app here at home, and the server
I've just leased will be  building and running the server code.
The thing is they share significant amounts of code.

Furthermore, the server code will probably have the most changes since
the client is really just to display what the server spits out at it.

What I would like to be able to do is open a file on my local computer
here at home and have it automagically update the code at the server.
Or even better, just open the code up on the server from within my own IDE.

Basically it would like to achieve an effect something similar to Zends ZDE.
Since I'm the only developer I feel that setting up a full blown CVS
would be WAY to much hassle.

Is there some way I could just mount a remote filesystem to my own?
If so how would I do it, what is needed on each machine?
What commands would need to be issued etc, or files updated, or packages used?

Anyways thanks for the info folks.

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