Is LDAP the answer?

Kimball Larsen kimball at
Mon Nov 28 16:15:42 MST 2005

> Since it sounds like your company is rather small, I would  
> recommend you
> setup your tree flat like this:
>   ou=people,dc=company,dc=com
>      cn=Bob Jones
>      cn=Freedy Johnson
>      cn=Sally Smith
>      ...
> Then, allow anonymous read access to ou=people and below to the
> appropriate fields (cn, givenName, mail, telephoneNumber,  
> postalAddress,
> etc.)
> Your needs are very basic since you won't be needing  
> authentication, which
> is where LDAP gets hairy. If all you want is an address book, both
> OpenLDAP and FDS should get you going quite well.

Our org is really quite small (8 employees - only 3 really *need*  
access to the address book).  One question I have not seen a clear  
answer for:  If I want to allow my users to create/modify/delete  
contacts info in the LDAP server, that will require auth, no?  Is  
that the hairiness of which you speak?

-- Kimball 

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