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Mon Nov 28 15:53:00 MST 2005

SMS library for Java

SMS gateways (like a web-service)

On 11/28/05, bibhor dhungel <bibhor at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I need to set up a cron job that regularly sends SMS messages. I looked
> around and Kannel seems like the right answer, but installing it through Yum
> or a rpm has not been much help. When I install through yum i cannot find
> the configuration file nor the daemon to start the service. When trying to
> install through rpm i have the same problem. I saw an ozeki linux SMS server
> but its a bit pricey and i am not sure if that will solve the problem too.
> Does any one have experience setting up some open source SMS server. I am
> running fedora core2.
> thanks
> Bibhor
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