Is LDAP the answer?

Hans Fugal hans at
Mon Nov 28 11:35:11 MST 2005

On Mon, 28 Nov 2005 at 11:10 -0700, Kimball Larsen wrote:
> Perhaps I'm missing something massive out there (LDAP, perhaps?) but  
> here goes:
> Our organization currently uses Exchange Server for the sole purpose  
> of sharing contacts in Outlook/Entourage on the desktop.
> Is there a free/os linux tool that can do the same thing Exchange  
> Server is doing for us now?  Ie, just supply a way to let Outlook/ 
> Entourage see a shared list of contacts that everyone can update?

That depends on whether Outlook and Entourage are good LDAP clients,
which I unfortunately don't know the answer to. However, the idea of
storing directory information is what LDAP was created for.

I am pretty sure outlook will be able to use LDAP, but not so sure
whether it can update. You might just have to try it out. :)

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