Commericial Linux Games?

Michael Torrie torriem at
Mon Nov 28 00:52:38 MST 2005

On Thu, 2005-11-24 at 03:50 -0700, Steve wrote:
> "Assuming a reasonable price of $19.95, if you saw a commercial
> quality game for sale, that was available natively under Linux, and
> had the same support and features as a Windows or Mac game would you
> buy it.  And if so, what type of game would you preffer?"
> Thoughts?

If Linux support comes "for free," as it were, via the cross-platform
gaming engine, then I see no reason to even sell a separate version of
the game.  In fact, if the gaming engine is available on all three
platforms, then they should sell one game that runs on all three
platforms in one package for the low price of, say, $19.95.  I don't see
any other way for linux games to really succeed on their own.  But on
the other hand if someone can buy a game and run it on windows and then
when they try linux run it there, then it's a win-win for the end user,
and for linux in general.

Personally I'm not in your target demographic (I don't play games on any
platform ever), so my opinion probably isn't worth a lot.


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