For Sale: Modded DirecTivo HDVR2/3 $125

Chris Carey chris.carey at
Fri Nov 25 18:00:38 MST 2005

For Sale: Modded DirecTivo HDVR2/3 $125

Basically the modification is the box runs a custom kernel which
allows any code to run on it. It has a bunch of cool apps running on
it (provided by the active linux tivo community) that extend the
features of regular unmodded tivos. I've contributed to the Linux TiVo
community by compiling GKrellM for TiVo on this box

The box is for sale now. It works great and always has. I've recently
moved to a MythTV (cableTV based) system. I can also supply a huge
collection of software I've tested and played with. The box is
up-to-date with all the newest versions of community software. A
recent upgrade to DirecTivo Software Version 6.2 adds significant
speed improvements.

All you need to do is pull the DirecTV card out of your other box, and
plug it in this box. Thats it!

Hughes HRVR2 DirecTiVo
DirecTV Dish + Cables
A Regular DirecTV (non TiVo) Reciever for second room
Unmodded Original 40gb Hard Drive (not installed)
Upgraded 80gb Hard Drive (installed)
Dual Drive upgrade - to allow two internal hard disks.
USB 100Mb Network Device
Tivo Bash shell serial cable - useful for modding other boxes.

DirecTiVo Software Version 6.2
Network Enabled
FTP Server
SSH Server
Telnet Server
Web Server - TivoWebPlus - Web page control of the tivo - click a show
and live stream it to your computer, search listings, set recordings,
etc, etc
plus much more...

Modification Features:
Live Streaming shows to XBOX (support now built in to XBMC)
Live Streaming shows to any PC
Display photos on screen (overlay television)
Overlay text on screen display
CallerID on screen display
Encryption Disabled - extract any show to PC to view or burn

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