For sale: 5 Linksys WMP54Gv4 PCI Wifi adapters $39 OBO

Doran L. Barton fozz at
Fri Nov 25 15:25:14 MST 2005

Hey all,

Iodynamics did some work for a dentist office recently. They wanted a 
wireless network set up in the office. It worked fine when we set it up, but 
once the office staff came in and fired up all the dentistry equipment, the 
wireless connections were dropping left and right. We ended up wiring the 
office so now we have a handful of Linksys wireless adapters we don't need.

These are the PCI 802.11g adapters: WMP54Gv4. I would paste a URL to go to, 
but Linksys's website uses these gosh-awful servlet URLs and I didn't want 
to flood anyone's brain with such garbage. Just go to - it's 
easy to find the product information - about 3 clicks.

Staples sells this adapter for $59.99. sells it for $49.99. I 
would like to see $39 for each of these.

We don't have boxes or driver disks- just the cards and the antenna. We 
could probably burn a CD-R of the driver software if requested.

As for Linux-compatibility, I'm not aware of any native Linux drivers for 
these cards (shame on Linksys!), but they reportedly work well using the 
Linuxant NDISWrapper.

If interested, e-mail me, not the list. :)

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