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Hans Fugal hans at fugal.net
Fri Nov 25 08:31:39 MST 2005

On Thu, 24 Nov 2005 at 19:36 -0700, Ross Werner wrote:
> On Wed, 23 Nov 2005, Hans Fugal wrote:
> >On Wed, 23 Nov 2005 at 12:06 -0500, Matthew Frederico wrote:
> >>I think the first question you need to ask yourself the question "Why"
> >>you are backing files up.
> >
> >I agree. In my case, it's redundancy of important don't-lose-it data.
> >Another hard drive would be fine, if it's external to the system (as in,
> >one electrical mishap won't fry both drives), however too expensive.
> Is this "too expensive" as in Newegg's cheapest drive ($44 20GB) is too 
> expensive, or "too expensive" as in you don't have another external box on 
> your local network to put this hypothetical cheap drive in?

Yup, it's "too expensive" as in if I had a spare $44, I'd get some RAM
for my laptop (which currently has 256M) instead.

> Either way, I really think the extra hard drive route is going to be 
> cheapest. Getting a CD-R/RW solution set up, and manually managing backups 
> (you have to have someone manually sticking discs into the drive) is going 
> to be quite expensive in terms of your time. Finding a drive to plop in 
> a box on your local network and sticking rsync in your crontab is going to 
> be far easier and far more reliable. And easier to recover from as well.

Opportunity cost is great in theory, but unless I've got clients beating
down the door and/or a job where I can work unlimited hours (and want
to), it's a moot point.

But thanks for the suggestions. I agree an external drive is the
easiest, but my question is still about CDRW.

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