Commericial Linux Games?

Alex Esplin alex.esplin at
Thu Nov 24 09:42:35 MST 2005

> So I figured I'ld pose the question to you folks and do some research myself.
> If you were to purchase a Commercial Quality Linux Game, as per above.
>  What type of game would you preffer to spend money on?  What features
> etc would be most important.
> And I guess the really obvious question, what types of games do you find "fun".

I'm not a huge fan of big super-3d-intensive games either.  My
favorite game is Neverwinter Nights, and it does require some 3d
acceleration, but not like Unreal or some of those type of games.  I
haven't actually tried the Linux port of Neverwinter Nights, because
I'm being a good little college student this semester, but I most
definitely am planning on it soon.

As to what types of games I find fun, mostly fantasy RPG's like
Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, etc...

just my $.02
Alex Esplin

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