Commericial Linux Games?

Steve smorrey at
Thu Nov 24 03:50:43 MST 2005

Hello Everyone,

As you may or may not know I'm pretty active in an indie game
development community called GarageGames.
For a long time now GarageGames has created as well as published games
made by independent developers.  Most of these have been made with
their crossplatform game engine called TGE which is what has become of
that old Loki favorite Tribes and Tribes2.

Anyways, with the most recent update to the engine the Linux port has
been a little slow in coming.  Most of us who are using it for Linux
development assumed it was because GarageGames was abandoning Linux
support.  I raised quite a fuss, about this, and came to find out that
is not in fact the case, but they are going to give the Linux licensee
community more involvement in future releases, so that the Linux
Engine is as up to date as the Mac and Windows versions in the future.

So to make a long story short, during the course of discussion someone
emailed me, and asked me the following question.

"Assuming a reasonable price of $19.95, if you saw a commercial
quality game for sale, that was available natively under Linux, and
had the same support and features as a Windows or Mac game would you
buy it.  And if so, what type of game would you preffer?"

Now of course my answer was only if it's a good game.
Quite honestly I'm pretty sick of FPS games, but the Linux commercial
game space is starting to look a little barren lately.  I don't know
if this is for lack of good ideas, difficulty of porting, or just
people not really wanting to make good commercial quality games for
linux anymore.

But then again, I don't know if I'm nessecarily the best real target
for the question, since I always have more fun making the games then
playing them.

So I figured I'ld pose the question to you folks and do some research myself.

If you were to purchase a Commercial Quality Linux Game, as per above.
 What type of game would you preffer to spend money on?  What features
etc would be most important.
And I guess the really obvious question, what types of games do you find "fun".

Oh yeah this is also assuming the licensing would allow you to play it
on any computer you owned, whether it's Window/Linux or Mac.


Happy ThanksGiving!

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