Lee Higginson leeard at comcast.net
Wed Nov 23 22:37:12 MST 2005

>Hello everyone.
>I Finally got Utopia installed.
>The techs just left a couple hours ago and I've now had time to play.
>Here's the skinny.
>There was a 3 week waiting period for my install from the time of
>order, but other than that it's been flawless, and the waiting period
>was about the same when I went to Comcast Cable originally, so no harm
>This house is sitting on a 1/4 -1/2 acre, the nearest pole is about
Thanks Steve.  I was very interested because I've been looking into 
getting Utopia and using Mstar.  I live in Payson.  I called Mstar and 
they told me I would be able to get their service in 3-4 months, but I'm 
not sure when I'll have fiber installed in my neighborhood.  Are there 
any Utopia insiders out there who know when (or if for that matter) 
Utopia lines will be throughout Payson.  I live right next to the 
freeway a little north of the south exit. 
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