CD Backups

Gary Thornock gthornock at
Wed Nov 23 12:11:15 MST 2005

--- Joel Finlinson <joel at> wrote:
> On 11/23/05, Gary Thornock <gthornock at> wrote:
>> I would love, on the other hand, to have a good way to produce
>> a clean system image (something analogous to Ghost) for a
>> FreeBSD installation, that I could use to quickly set up
>> multiple more or less identical systems.
>    Did you not see this message from Brad:
>  Brad Zobrist 	
> <mitchk at> to Provo
>  More options	  Nov 21 (2 days ago)	
> I was surprised no one has mentioned partimage. I've used
> partimage for a long time.
> Supports the basic filesystems. I have also used it with
> windows NTFS images many times.

I did see that, but I've also seen a number of sites that claim
that partimage doesn't support UFS2 (FreeBSD 5 and later).
I'm not sure whether that claim is true or not, but it seems
plausible: when I last tried it, Linux didn't support it, either.
The partimage site does list support for UFS (presumably 1), but
doesn't mention UFS2 at all.

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