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Matthew Frederico mfrederico at gmail.com
Wed Nov 23 10:06:12 MST 2005

I think the first question you need to ask yourself the question "Why"
you are backing files up.

If you are backing files up because you don't want to rely on your
hard drive and want some semblance of redundancy, get a 200 GIG USB
backup; bear in mind you are still relying on a hard drive.

If you are backing files up because you want to keep an snapshot of
your data, Buy a DVD burner / Tape backup, and swap your media every
day/week/month whatever you set it up for.

Second question is "What" are you backing up?

Are you backing up your complete OS?  Or your wife's pictures she's
taken with her digital camera?  are you backing up source code?

These are important to ask yourself because this will probably
determine what size of media you should be backing up to.  Personally,
I back up my source code, ssh keys etc to a USB attached compact flash
card.  If I lose those things, I'm hosed.  A 1 GIG CF card, is about
$88 at Sams club.

(Incidentally, It's already been through the wash a couple of times,
and it has come out working perfectly.)

I back up my wife's pictures to CD-ROM every so often and archive the
CD's in a safe place.

As for the OS, I actually have a CD with all that info on it so I'm
not too worried.

Just some thoughts.

-- Matthew Frederico
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