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Hans Fugal hans at fugal.net
Wed Nov 23 09:40:42 MST 2005

Good ideas, but...

On Wed, 23 Nov 2005 at 09:16 -0700, Derek Davis wrote:
> Why does it have to be CD-RW?  

It could be CDR, but then you end up with coasters. I like the reuse
idea of CD-RW. Why CD? Because that's the most common decent-sized
cheap removeable media thing going on. DVD would be fine too, if I had a
DVD writer.

> I've set up an rsync backup that automatically makes daily snapshots
> to a machine I have in the basement and works very well for me.  

No other machine (well, my laptop but disk space on it is a premium). I
do have a raid in this machine, but I'd still like a backup.

> If you want something more portable, you could get a cheap, external
> hard drive and do the same thing.  

No cash. We're talking mp3-player deprived here.

> If you want something off site, Josh Coates' new service at mozy.com
> offers 2 GB of automatic backup for the cost of a bit of targetted
> advertising, and you have to use a Windows box.  

No Windows.

> Or maybe a group of pluggers could offer each other small bits of hard
> drive space with quotas, and we could get some distributed backups
> going on.

I've seen this discussion before, and while it is a fascinating
technical problem it is not an easy one.
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