Console Screensaver on Linux

Andrew Jorgensen andrew.jorgensen at
Tue Nov 22 21:21:27 MST 2005

On 11/22/05, Daniel C. <dcrookston at> wrote:
> On 11/13/05, Chris Carey <chris.carey at> wrote:
> > You know on FreeBSD how they have those console screensavers - Daemon,
> > Snake, etc?
> >
> > Is something like that available for Linux? I'm only familiar with
> > XScreenSaver on Linux
> tail -f /dev/random

I was going to laugh, but then I thought I'd try it.  This command
does nothing at all on my box, and cat /dev/random only spits out a
few chars and then stops.  Then I didn't laugh at all.

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