Making Python run fast on a slow machine?

Dave Smith DavidSmith at
Tue Nov 22 13:19:05 MST 2005

I've got a sub-100MHz Linux machine on which I am running some Python
applications. Python's great, but at 100MHz it feels like Java at 1.0GHz.
It takes about 1 second just to start up the interpreter, and about
another half second to read the system uptime, read a bit from a localhost
socket, and print out some HTML. I would rather this took 0 seconds. I've
tried compiling my script into byte code with py_compile and -O, but it
only saved me about 0.1 seconds. I'm using Python version 2.4 on a 2.4.26
kernel on a PowerPC if you must know. Any ideas to speed up the snake? I
think the Python code is good because my 2.4GHz machine runs it without
any observable delay.

Thanks in advance!


P.S. If this sounds like fun work to you, send me your resume.

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