Complete backup of Linux install

Kenneth Burgener kenneth at
Mon Nov 21 10:59:31 MST 2005

I want to make a complete backup image of my Linux Server install.  Is 
there a suggested tool for this?  I want be able to at any point wipe 
the system out and get my system running quickly with the backup image.

Will Symantec Norton Ghost 10.0 this?  I noticed I could get Norton 
Ghost for free after rebates today [1], and am trying to decide if this 
is a good option for what I am trying to do.

I am sure someone will suggest something like using "dd" to make the 
image, but I am not sure I want to store a 50GB image of the entire 
disk, when the OS, applications, and data combined only take 700MB.  I 
think I have heard that there are imaging tools that will just backup 
actually used bytes on the disk instead of the entire disk, including 
empty free space.

I also have a Windows desktop that I need to backup, so a tool that will 
do both Linux and Windows images would be best.

Suggestions would be very much appreciated.



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