Not your grandmothers distro?

Dave Smith DavidSmith at
Sun Nov 20 08:32:59 MST 2005

Dreamer wrote:

>I haven't really seriously considered any specific distros yet, it
>currently has SuSE 10, but I've watched her try to interact with it
>and I think she may have a hard time understanding that the Geeko in
>the left hand corner IS the start button, hence the look and feel
>argument I made earlier.

You would have to tweak the default setup a bit by removing the brown 
theme and moving the "Start button" to the bottom, but I think Ubuntu 
aims to deliver all of your requirements. In my view, it's the *only* 
distro available that has the potential to replace Windows for this type 
of user. Try out the new live CD with her first.


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