Not your grandmothers distro?

Lee Higginson leeard at
Sun Nov 20 08:15:35 MST 2005

>I'm going to retire my current box soon and figured what the heck I'll
>give it to my neighborlady who has been asking me to fix her busted
>Windows 98 box every week for the past few months.  Seems the dear old
>lady really believes she's going to get money by letting the Neilson
>company among a host of others spy on her.
>I know this question gets asked alot but given the following
>particular circumstances which would be the best distro be.
>#1 Ease of use, or similarity to Win98 in basic functionality, we are
>talking about a lady who when asked to reboot her computer pressed the
>button on her monitor.
>#2 Ease of long term upkeep.  Patches to the OS and programs on the
>computer must be transparent and in the background.
>#3 Ease of long term use.  I would like to find a distro for which the
>applications could be installed with the ease of something like click
>and run, but without the long term financial commitment that Lindows
>(err excuse me Linspire) carries.
>#4 Good compatability with ATI video cards, this one has a 9200 SE
>which thanks to some Corn Oil and some talk in this list will now have
>a much longer and more productive life.
>#5 Good default application set.  A few games, a browser and an email
>client, prefferably all sharing a common look and feel.
>#6 Must run on AMD 2200+XP with ATI Radeon 9200 SE, 256MB of Ram, 30
>GB HD and ASUS A7V8X MoBo.  (In my experience basically every recent
>I haven't really seriously considered any specific distros yet, it
>currently has SuSE 10, but I've watched her try to interact with it
>and I think she may have a hard time understanding that the Geeko in
>the left hand corner IS the start button, hence the look and feel
>argument I made earlier.
>PLUG:, #utah on
>Don't fear the penguin.
I'm somewhat of a linux newb (at least I feel like one sometimes) and 
I've really liked CentOS which you know is basically Redhat Enterprise.  
The only thing I haven't done is make the updates automatic in the 
background but I'm sure that wouldn't be tough using yum.

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