Not your grandmothers distro?

Dreamer smorrey at
Sun Nov 20 00:53:15 MST 2005

I'm going to retire my current box soon and figured what the heck I'll
give it to my neighborlady who has been asking me to fix her busted
Windows 98 box every week for the past few months.  Seems the dear old
lady really believes she's going to get money by letting the Neilson
company among a host of others spy on her.

I know this question gets asked alot but given the following
particular circumstances which would be the best distro be.

#1 Ease of use, or similarity to Win98 in basic functionality, we are
talking about a lady who when asked to reboot her computer pressed the
button on her monitor.

#2 Ease of long term upkeep.  Patches to the OS and programs on the
computer must be transparent and in the background.

#3 Ease of long term use.  I would like to find a distro for which the
applications could be installed with the ease of something like click
and run, but without the long term financial commitment that Lindows
(err excuse me Linspire) carries.

#4 Good compatability with ATI video cards, this one has a 9200 SE
which thanks to some Corn Oil and some talk in this list will now have
a much longer and more productive life.

#5 Good default application set.  A few games, a browser and an email
client, prefferably all sharing a common look and feel.

#6 Must run on AMD 2200+XP with ATI Radeon 9200 SE, 256MB of Ram, 30
GB HD and ASUS A7V8X MoBo.  (In my experience basically every recent

I haven't really seriously considered any specific distros yet, it
currently has SuSE 10, but I've watched her try to interact with it
and I think she may have a hard time understanding that the Geeko in
the left hand corner IS the start button, hence the look and feel
argument I made earlier.


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