[OT] LDS General Conference Podcast

Jake Pollmann jake.pollmann at gmail.com
Sat Nov 19 09:01:33 MST 2005

On 11/19/05, Dave Smith <DavidSmith at byu.net> wrote:
> The LDS church makes its general conference sessions available as
> downloadable MP3s, which is great, except my iPod treats them as songs.
> I prefer for it to treat them as podcasts so that I can resume playing
> the talks where I leave off after each day's commute to work. To that
> end, I created a podcast RSS feed for the October 2005 General
> Conference, downloadable here:
>     http://thesmithfam.org/podcasts/lds-general-conference.xml

KSL has a feed on their site too:


It seems it would make more sense (subscriptionwise) to have a generic
feed rather than one specific for October 2005.


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