[OT] LDS General Conference Podcast

Dave Smith DavidSmith at byu.net
Sat Nov 19 06:36:48 MST 2005

The LDS church makes its general conference sessions available as 
downloadable MP3s, which is great, except my iPod treats them as songs. 
I prefer for it to treat them as podcasts so that I can resume playing 
the talks where I leave off after each day's commute to work. To that 
end, I created a podcast RSS feed for the October 2005 General 
Conference, downloadable here:


If you're a podcast addict like myself, you should know what to do with 
that link. If not, any popular podcasting software should work. Just 
find an option to "subscribe to a podcast" and use it with the above 
URL. This should work with amaroK, gtkPod, Juice, or any iPod/podcasting 

This feed lets you grab each whole session (4 total), but not individual 
talks. If there is demand, I may hack some python to automagically 
create a feed for each talk, which would be pretty darn cool too.

Note that I am not actually distributing the content; this podcast 
simply points to lds.org to download the MP3 files. This should avoid 
any legal issues, since I have respected all copyrights. I'm not a 
lawyer, but I've read all the fine print on lds.org and can't find 
anything prohibiting this, so let me know if you think I'm in violation.



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