Gentoo and nVidia drivers [fixed]

Mitch Anderson mitch at
Fri Nov 18 14:00:23 MST 2005

Mitch Anderson wrote:

> Over the last week, I've installed a Gentoo box on a slow Duron 800
> with an nVidia FX5200.  Everythings been going fine except now I'm
> trying to get X up and running with the nVidia driver.  I've installed
> the nvidia-kernel and nvidia-glx, all goes fine.  I can get kdm to
> start up just fine with the driver set to "nv" but when I change it to
> "nvidia" X takes up 99% of the processor with no sign of ever giving
> it back.  Just wondering if anyone has some pointers on what I've done
> wrong with the kernel/nvidia configs?

I fixed it (at least X isn't using 100% of the cpu, and glxinfo says its
direct rendering), it seems it was a problem with the config generated
by X automagially.  I copied and changed a few lines from my xorg.conf
on my fedora box here at work.  And everything worked fine.  I'm not
exactly sure how many fps an fx5200 should put out, and I'm sure I still
need some tuning, but I'll mess with that more after I take it home. 
Thanks for the suggestions.


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